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DP LED-972 | electric torch

DP LED-972 | electric torch
  • DP LED-972 | electric torch
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Product Name: LED-972 Torch
Model No
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Detailed Explanation:
Rated Capacity: more than 800mAh.
Long life battery could be cycling used more than 500 times.
Use LED bulbs are of energy saving, high efficiency, and long life.
Strong and light brightness are adjustable.
Charge: downwards the LED; directly put the whole plug into the power (AC110V/ 220V) ,
the relative indication light turns on, charging starts, It takes about 12 hours.
Middle is for 5 LED, upwards is for 9 LED, downwards is for OFF.
After charging fully; it could be used contunuously about 18 hours with 5 LED lamps and 14 hours with
9 LED lamps.
When the led bulb is dark during usage, That means battery is at the stage of discharging.
At this moment, in order to protect the battery, please stop using, and charge it in time.
(Please charge before the led bulb is dark fully; otherwise it would damage the battery) .
Flashlight should be usually used, please dont long-term shelve it. If you dont usually use
it. please charge it over 8 hours every 2 monthm, or it would effect the battery life.

The power and socket must be safe and standard.
Please dont use when charging, it would burn LED bulb, or damage inner components.
Please dont shot the eyes directly, it would effect the eyesight.
(Children must be instructed by adults)
Keep away from rain or wet.
Keep far away from the exploders when charging; the charging time could not be more than
24 hours/ suggestion charging in daylight time)