ECT-3 Digital Thermometer

ECT-3 Digital Thermometer

Product description:

Waterproof pen soft head electronic thermometer can quickly and accurately measure the body temperature, as compared with traditional mercury glass thermometer, with a test probe can be bent, convenient waterproof, readings, short measuring time, high accuracy, can remember and have Beeper the advantage, especially electronic thermometer mercury-free, harmless to humans and the environment, especially suitable for family occasions, hospitals and other use .

The main technical parameters and features:
* Temperature range : 32.0 ℃ -42.9 ℃
* When the measured temperature is lower than 32.0 ℃, display L ℃
* When measuring temperature is higher than 42.9 ℃, the display H ℃
* Display resolution : 0.1 ℃
* Display: LCD ( three and a half )
* Power: 0.15 mW under working conditions
* Battery : AG3 1.5V Ordinary button battery
* Beeper : After the end of the measurement issue beep sound