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Electric Eye Massager

Electric Eye Massager
  • Electric Eye Massager
  • Electric Eye Massager
  • Electric Eye Massager
  • Electric Eye Massager
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Eye nurses eye massager Introduction This product is a computer based on the level of well-designed eye contour and different points distribution, there 26 A finger-like massage contact (this contact is made with high-purity silica gel on the skin without any side effects), and inserts into the selection of efficient medical rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB alloy, produces the best flux by computer IC Chip control of a small motor, depending on the speed and produce the desired massage effect.

a suitable group

First, the large, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, overuse or long-term wear glasses cause eye fatigue discomfort.

Second, computer operators, accountants, secretaries, teachers, drivers who long drive, precision machine workers, loss of vision.

Third, presbyopia.

Fourth, crow's feet, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Fifth, eye pain, headache, facial trigeminal neuralgia, neurasthenia, insomnia.

Use of time and efficacy five minutes three times a day, effectively improve eye tissue microcirculation, improve the ability to regulate ciliary muscle, activation of the eye tissue, oxygen pass network, effectively improve eyesight, prevent myopia, beauty eye, Ming Head breath. Prevention computer eye, inhibition of neurasthenia and insomnia, eliminate eye fatigue every turn a blind eye wear three to five minutes, can make the eye and ocular fully relax and reduce intraocular pressure, quickly eliminate soreness caused by overuse, swelling, dryness, photophobia and blurred vision and other symptoms, the magnetic field has good sedation, every night before going to bed wearing five to ten minutes, full relaxation and nervous, easily under to enter deep sleep, eliminate use and excessive and nerve cause debilitating insomnia, and can shorten the time to fall asleep. reduce wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity Use five to ten minutes every day, it can help eliminate the lack of sleep and poor blood circulation, eye bags and dark circles formed, to strengthen the eye cells metabolism, smooth eye wrinkles, make the skin more shiny eyes and elastic