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Video Door Phone Intercom System | 3.5 inch

Video Door Phone Intercom System | 3.5 inch
  • Video Door Phone Intercom System | 3.5 inch
  • Video Door Phone Intercom System | 3.5 inch
Product code: 15572400001
Unit price: 170-240 AED
Reference price: 46.3-65.36 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Grey Silver
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A 3.5-inch color LCD screen
2 peephole tube : 12-30mm
3 fit any door thickness in: 35-65mm or 65-95MM, please buy with the dealer to determine the thickness of the door .
43000 pixels
5 . Every time you press the monitor key automatically display bright 10s after the return to the standby
Any time can see the outside scene monitoring key , each will automatically take a picture
The 7 . Photographed models built-in memory , can shoot 100 photos circulating replace .
Visitors rang the bell indoor display. Automatic shooting this photo
9 may at any time by the UP / DOWN button to view photos. Preview mode through the menu . Enter the slide automatically play .
10 menu settings ( Enter the menu mode , brightness , contrast, color , language , date , time , view photos , operation and regulation of all deleted photos)
11.3 AA batteries , can support the view 1200 times .
12 Do Not Disturb function : Monitoring often hold down the button for about 10 seconds , until the interior bottom right corner of the red light is lit ; Do Not Disturb feature set success when in DND mode , anyone press call button , doorbell music will not sound. Cancel Do Not Disturb feature: Press and hold the monitor button for about 10 seconds until the screen is turned on to cancel the operation was successful .
1 Peephole Viewer
2 bottom mounting plate
Peephole lens .
4 . Peephole tube ( The battery is not accessory range !)

The • operation simple and safe: One that see large image will not the peephole darken , the door can not know indoor Does anyone at home ;
• high-resolution images: 300000 pixels , clear TFT3.5 inch screen , is superior to the traditional cat's eye ;
• Easy DIY without construction: Three minutes fast installation , simple and convenient ;
The • RECOGNIZABLE superior to the traditional: Clear display of images , unlike traditional door peephole distorted deformed and super low-light , so that the light can clear picture in a dark walkway , to compensate for the distorting effects of the fisheye image edges smooth ;
The • users unlimited: Regardless of the child is tall enough , the elderly poor eyesight , can be simple and clear to see the outside ;
• super power saving: Use three AA batteries , the special provincial power management technology , supports the view 1500 times ;

• Extra Wide Field: Watch 170 ° wide-angle viewing angle of 190 ° .