Digital timer switch socket

Digital timer switch socket

Product description:

British gauge plug / UK / Hong Kong / Malaysia digital programmable timer switch power plug socket

Can set from Monday to Sunday, every day can be turned on or off at different times.
Up to 20 times a day to open 20 off, set up after a good week cycle

• product manual
•: LCD setting display with operating prompts
•: the Family Safety Association can be freely designed .
•: Minimum setting time of 1 minute, up to 20 groups per day can be set on and off can be set up 140 per week group .
•: high conductivity copper, nickel plated, anti- rust, heat is smaller, copper structural optimization design, longer life.
•: shell made โ€‹โ€‹of imported ABS flame retardant material, so the safety performance of the product is higher.

• Technical Parameters:
Size : 126x56x50mm measure length without plug
Applied voltage : 160-240V 50HZ
Switching capacity : 13A
Ambient temperature : -25 ~ 60 โ„ƒ
Humidity: (95%