Wired stopwatch | Versatile, bicycle

Wired stopwatch | Versatile, bicycle

Product description:

(Name) waterproof bike chronograph

(Material) plastic electronic components
(Display) LCD display
(Size) 46mm * 45mm * 19mm
(By weight) to about 100G
(Color) Black Box Optional
(Configuration) of the table, the table stand (cable attached to the sensing probe), sensor magnet, tie cable, manual

1. Record traffic speed
2. Record total travel mileage
3. Record Single Mileage
4. The maximum driving speed
5. The average driving speed
6. Display travel time
7.12 / 24 hour clock
8. automatic cycle function
9. miles Preferences
10. Setting the tire circumference
11. The total mileage of the initial value setting
12. The traffic data sampling function
13. Maintenance reminders
14. Automatic Switcher (the vehicle is not running automatically shut down after 300 seconds, when the value of the car move or press any key to return to the mode before the start, and before the start of memory)

Installation tips:
1, the seat is mounted to the handlebar header;
2, the AG13 button battery into the battery compartment on the back of the meter
3, the initialization code table data, generally only need to set the tire circumference of a parameter can be used normally;
3, the first table into the table header seat chute;
4, the sensor is mounted to the front fork, the sensor head part is on the spokes;
5, sensor magnet mounted on the spokes, aligned with the sensor head, about 5 mm apart;
6, nylon cable ties fixed;
7, check the above header blocks, sensors and sensor magnet is installed solid. The packaging with the necessary rubber gaskets and detailed instructions in English, to ensure that your installation was successful.
8, more features please refer to the manual setting

Setting Function
1, the battery installed and the battery compartment on the back of the meter;
2, within 15 seconds press the right to enter the tire circumference settings;
3, see the wheel diameter and circumference table, such as 28 models of wheel perimeter 224cm, press the left button three values ​​will be set to 224 (the machine is preset to 208cm)
4. Right-determined;
5, more features please refer to the manual settings.