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Pedometer | Multifunction

Pedometer | Multifunction
  • Pedometer | Multifunction
  • Pedometer | Multifunction
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For body began fat friends, but also includes all desire healthy friends, to maintain a daily exercise is the best method of weight loss and fitness. Physician statistics obtained, a day for a surplus of about 300 calories extra per day walk one step, it means that you can put these excess calories consumed light and easy to say, hard to do when there is no quantitative data, based only on their feelings to judge the movement is mostly less obviously less effective. There a pedometer, everything changed, quantitative daily record of how much movement, lack of proper walk in after dinner to make up the day of exercise. tiny pedometer lets you and your family have embarked on the most sports and fitness Jia fitness path.

Reset button reset to 0
2. Cumulative pedometer step 99999
3. LCD display, easy to read
4. Mode
Button to turn the display: count step numbers - mile mileage - km mileage - burn calories (calories)

Color: - White
Volume: 4.9 * 3 * 1.2mm, than BP or slightly smaller than a matchbox
Battery: slightly larger than the quartz watch button battery, the battery can be purchased at the sale, due to energy-saving devices (automatic in static power), the original battery is no problem with more than one year.