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FS-330 Shaver

FS-330 Shaver
  • FS-330 Shaver
  • FS-330 Shaver
  • FS-330 Shaver
  • FS-330 Shaver
Product code: 15571100001
Unit price: 48-70 AED
Reference price: 13.07-19.06 USD
Minimum order:
Other info:
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The main parameters
  • Product Type: Floating

  • Segment Number : 3

  • Washing function : Yes

Power Parameters
  • Battery Type : 220V / 50Hz

  • Operating time: 60 minutes

  • Charging time : 8 hours

Other parameters
  • Indicator: intelligent charging tips; after eight hours of continuous charging indicator light is converted into green from red

  • Exterior design : fashionable, good shape and smooth texture
    Touch electronic switch; operation that is easy to sensitive and durable

  • Product Weight : 340g

  • Other features : High silver palladium combined Jin Mada; super power
    Pop- repair temples for easy modification sideburns and long beard

  • Other Features: precision shaving system, shaving more thorough and more comfortable
    Automatic shutdown when low or charging