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HD 3D dimensional painting 40 * 60

HD 3D dimensional painting 40 * 60
  • HD 3D dimensional painting 40 * 60
  • HD 3D dimensional painting 40 * 60
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1, there are three-dimensional, solid sense, realistic, three-dimensional image with true continuous depth of field, pattern vivid colors, clear picture level alone you can easily see a pair of eyes, beautiful three-dimensional images

2, stereoscopic (three-dimensional depth of the limits of thickness and the material itself is closely related to the thicker material more three-dimensional sense), do not faint eyes, prospects wafting paintings, painted in deep background; focus object round thick, vivid , figures out Hu's desire, immersive feel, a high value of art appreciation; picture color fidelity, level of fine, painting each element such as: animals, figures, flowers, etc., have a strong three-dimensional sense and feeling of depth, lifelike, seems actually at hand, within reach, with a strong visual impact

3, painting things or hidden paintings, or elegant painting outside, vivid, distinct, colorful, so that people who watch a long scene in time to impress; combined with the digital technology of the optical material can in a in the plane so that one of the scene to produce three-dimensional, transformation, and so wonderfully exquisite visual effects, combined with the digital technology of optical material, with great ornamental and collectible value.

4, three-dimensional picture of the types of landscape, religion, animals, flowers, people, with its wide range of applications, can be used for the advertising industry; Exhibition; decoration; tourism industry; printing industry; product packaging; publishing industry; manufacturing industry; photographic industry; office, hotel, hotel, bath center, public places, entertainment, home decoration industry, the advertising industry, commodity market, handicraft market.