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Music plasma ball lights | 4 inch

Music plasma ball lights | 4 inch
  • Music plasma ball lights | 4 inch
  • Music plasma ball lights | 4 inch
  • Music plasma ball lights | 4 inch
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4-inch sphere diameter: 9.5 cm, total height: 17 cm Base width: 12 cm

Connected with the 220V product of thermal power, 12V low voltage output, safe, absolutely no harm to the human body

Magic lamp magical effect further characterized by:
1. Disinfection functions: negative ions can neutralize static electricity, effectively reducing air pollution and static electricity when lighting, will produce a large number of high-speed movement of negative ions, in the light thermal effect, the use of aerodynamics, can be more uniform. effectively spread throughout the interior space of the environment for disinfection and decontamination no dead ends.
2. Clean air: anion sphere has issued fresh air, decomposition of formaldehyde and other harmful gases received nicotine absorption and decoration produced simultaneously illuminated dust particles can form negatively charged air ions and negative ions in the air when the bacteria cell binding. After the bacteria cells die due to structural changes. ions and negative charge can be floating in the air positively charged smoke dust, so that the loss of activity of natural precipitation, and ultimately achieve the purpose of purifying the air.
3. Electrostatic induction: The product use incentive plasma discharge principle made, when you hand on top of the electron beam will be there with you, just like your hand, like a very magical magic hands touch the body on the planet, will be the speed of light. With fingertips jumping, very dynamic.

working principle:

The appearance of high-strength glass spherical shell, filled with thin inert gas sphere, the central glass ball with a black spherical electrode at the bottom of the ball there is a shock circuit board, through the power converter, the 12V low voltage DC into a high-pressure high-frequency voltage applied to the electrode.
Power, the oscillating circuit generates a high frequency voltage electric field, since the inner ball rarefied gas by the ionization of the high-frequency electric field and shine, produce mystery. Just some of the glow occurring linear, colorful, shine, very nice in the dark.
When the hand (people connected with the earth) touched the ball, the ball around the field, the potential distribution is no longer symmetrical, so that the light becomes brighter place around the finger, hand touch along the arc generated by the movement of swimming twist, move and dance with your fingers.