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Notebook cooling pad ice

Notebook cooling pad ice
  • Notebook cooling pad ice
  • Notebook cooling pad ice
  • Notebook cooling pad ice
Product code: 15570100001
Unit price: 26-40 AED
Reference price: 7.08-10.9 USD
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Ice notebook cooling pad is a new environmentally friendly high-tech polymer compound laptop cooling tool, mainly used for notebook cooling function. It can be 25 degrees below room temperature, the polymer inside the cold storage material will automatically crystallize and store large amounts of cold energy It can absorb heat left in the computer above; holding the bottom of the computer is not hot, to extend computer life.

The following 125 ℃ automatic crystallized above 25 ℃ solid converted to liquid, absorb large amounts of heat.

2, revolutionary quiet design, the only one most suitable for notebook computer cooling products in the natural temperature environments.

3, no radiation, no toxic materials, environmental protection materials, the human body without any harm.

4, user-friendly design, fabric silky texture, without worrying about scratching the laptop and the human body.

5, energy saving, no power, no pollution, effectively extending the life of laptop batteries and main components.

6, waterproof fabric, no loss, can be reused for a long time.

70.6 ~ 0.8Kg ultra-light weight, foldable, portable super

8, continuous use for a long time (3-8 hours)

9, the use of a very wide range, product specifications are 10-inch, 13 inch, 15 inch, etc., for 10 to 17-inch laptop.

10, fashion, suitable for office, SOHO, outdoor recreation, desktop, knee, bed can be used, is the best partner laptop heat.

11, does not need an external power supply, get rid of the shackles of wires.

12, very wide scope for 10-16 inch laptop.