KT-DT4B electronic thermometer

KT-DT4B electronic thermometer

Product description:

Precautions during measurement:

Human axillary temperature relatively unstable, vulnerable to environmental temperature and impact measurement, requiring closed armpit three minutes or more to reach the actual temperature of the body, and this electronic thermometer measuring time is very fast, just to measure out the temperature for about 1 minute , so do axillary measurement, before measuring arms drooping naturally, the armpit closed three minutes, so that axillary temperature stable, then the thermometer temperature sensing portion will be placed in the central armpit armpit closed one minute, until the bleep That sound axillary temperature measurement is complete, if not the armpit closed three minutes, while direct measurements, the actual temperature of the human body in the armpit is not yet stable, and within one minute the thermometer measured temperature lower than the actual temperature of the human body, so then measure the value of the offer pay more 0.3-0.6 degrees Celsius.
Measuring oral temperature is relatively stable, the lips closed before the temperature for about 1 minute, non-diet (hot food will be oral temperature too high), it is smooth in the mouth temperature, the temperature-sensitive portion of the amount of temperature probe placed tongue Hot packs portion of the lower side of the two, and with the tongue pressed temperature stick, closed for about one minute, I heard a beep, it means that the temperature measurement is completed

1, temperature range: 32.0-44.0 ℃, can ℃, F conversion
2, the measurement time is about 60 seconds, you can measure out the body temperature and automatically beeps to inform, easy to use
3, accompanied by fever tone and the last temperature memory
4, can be oral, axillary, anal three kinds of parts of the measurement
5, temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃
6 Weight: about 10 grams