Kitchen Electronics said 5KG / 1g

Kitchen Electronics said 5KG / 1g

Product description:

Name : Practical kitchen scales, nutrition scales (5KG / 1g)

Maximum weight : 5000g ( ie 5KG)

Units : Three unit conversion, grams (g), pounds (lb), ounces (oz) (1KG = 1000g = 2.2lb = 35oz)

Division value : 1g

Pan Diameter : 11cm

Product Dimensions : 22.0 * 15.5 * 5.0cm

With high-precision sensors, weighing accuracy .

Peeled, zero function, the pan can be placed in other containers in order to facilitate your everyday use.

Insufficient voltage and overload prompts, comes with two No. AAA 7 batteries, all for you to consider cutting the heart .

HD LCD display, and have automatic shutdown.

Compact and practical, especially space-saving .