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MT889 Mosquito Lamp | Energy Saving LED

MT889 Mosquito Lamp | Energy Saving LED
  • MT889 Mosquito Lamp | Energy Saving LED
  • MT889 Mosquito Lamp | Energy Saving LED
  • MT889 Mosquito Lamp | Energy Saving LED
Product code: 15568800001
Unit price: 36-60 AED
Reference price: 9.81-16.34 USD
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Brand: ELONG Yi Long
Name: LED suction mosquito MT889
Colour: Black
Power: 5W
Product size: 210 * 210 * 220MM
Packing size: 215 * 215 * 230MM
Weight: 0.66KG
Gross Weight: 0.9KG
I. using imitation human breath trapping, ultraviolet trapping, air trapping and other integrated technologies, improve trapping mode, trapping effect is good.
II. Pops mosquito mosquito storage room by air to breathe, and then air-dried dehydrated to death, when there is no shock, there is no high voltage, safe and quiet.
III. To trap live mosquitoes will release chemical signals or says sex information to attract the opposite sex closer, so you can continuously trapping.
IV. Due to the ongoing vampire can flee to catch female mosquitoes around, so that it can effectively break the mosquitoes swarm around the space breeding period, so as to kill the swarms of mosquitoes effect.
V. Product appearance generous, compact and elegant, soft light, does not affect sleep, can cater to night light.
1, the power plug into a power outlet, power can be used.
2. When not in use, turn off the power, the power plug can be pulled out.
3, before clean up mosquito storage room, you should unplug the power cord, and then remove the storage of mosquito room, clean out the indoor slag material, reload the rotation tighten.
4, at home use, as long as the land is destroyed in a few hours before the scheduled time were sleeping, and so on when to go to bed, mosquito basically cleared, can be switched off or moved to another room. If the room furnishings are more mosquitoes hide out the difference in time, mosquito may take longer point.
5, in the office, place of business or field use, can be opened in the evening mosquito, after a night off lights to trap and kill the mosquitoes can be largely eliminated.
6, after the capture of mosquitoes do not immediately unplug the power, let the fans continue to operate until the mosquitoes die of dehydration dried.
7, killing flies, mosquitoes can be in the reservoir interior into candy and other bait, the use of light and odor trap and suction airflow, to kill.
First, the lights should be placed mosquito frequented places or dark environment for mosquitoes sucked;
Second, separating the best use of lights and people, because it is an imitation of human ecology light to attract mosquitoes, we understand WHY it says dignitaries lamp isolated;
Third, the light, the darker the more light can play a role, it is best to turn off other light sources in the room;
Fourth, please do not put air conditioning vent or fan to blow the place to use, because the mosquitoes will be attracted by the lights and close the airflow inside the ring light, if the air flow is changed, mosquitoes might not be inhaled;
Fifth, sleep a few hours ahead of the opening up of the mosquito;
Sixth, in order to house no mosquitoes, the best solution is: installed after the screens, and then mosquito lamps;

1, first unplug when cleaning up mosquito storage room power plug, not live action.
2, when the product is working Do not reach into the machine or tinkering with the machine, so fans scratching fingers or other accident occurs.
3, can not live move or tinkering with machines, to avoid accidents.
4, not in strong ultraviolet place, a strong fluorescent light place, as well as infants and young children to reach places