MT-808 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED

MT-808 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED

Product description:

name Yi Long MT-808 indoor LED mosquito lamps for household electric mosquito lamp

ABS + Electronic Components

Model: MT-808

Rated voltage: AC220V

Frequency: 50Hz

Enter a valid power: 1.2W

Grid voltage: ≥600V DC

weight 0.6kg
size 20 * 8.8 * 8.8cm
Brief introduction

`King of saving 80% energy saving
`Safe environmental carbon
`Easy to install and durable long life
`Mosquitocide best results
`Quiet no noise
`When the night light use
`Increase the flow of air in the room

First, the lights should be placed mosquito frequented places or dark environment for mosquitoes sucked;
Second, separating the best use of lights and people, because it is an imitation of human ecology light to attract mosquitoes;
Third, the light, the darker the more light can play a role, it is best to turn off other light sources in the room;
Fourth, please do not put air conditioning vent or fan to blow the place to use, because the mosquitoes will be attracted by the lights and close the airflow inside the ring light, if the air flow is changed, mosquitoes might not be inhaled;
Fifth, sleep a few hours ahead of the opening up of the mosquito;


1. whether it is clean or mobile mosquito, should unplug the;

Please your fingers or other objects do not extend into the work product 2. mosquito inside, in order to avoid injuries or accidents (danger of being subjected to click);

3. Do not put mosquito UV lamp, sunlight or strong light place, but not in infants may be exposed to places;

No serviceable parts inside for mosquito 4. Do not dismantle repair