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MT-899 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED

MT-899 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED
  • MT-899 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED
  • MT-899 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED
  • MT-899 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED
  • MT-899 anti-mosquito lamp | Energy Saving LED
Product code: 15568600001
Unit price: 48-80 AED
Reference price: 13.07-21.79 USD
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Brand: ELONG Yi Long
Name: LED engineering fashion mosquito MT899
Color: Green
Power: 2W
Product size: 355 * 60 * 265MM
Packing size: 365 * 65 * 275MM
Weight: 1.03KG
Gross Weight: 1.2KG
• using special wavelength dedicated mosquito (fly) LED lamp beads, purple mosquito, soft light, low power consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life.
• High-strength ABS plastic shell, nice shape, no rust, anti-aging, durable.
• Foldable protection outside the network easy to use and safe.
• Mosquitocide high voltage power grid, can achieve excellent anti-mosquito (fly) effect.
• humane mosquitoes and other flying insects special collection box for easy cleaning.
• No fire, no current sound, tasteless, safety and environmental protection.
• Use: This product can be used in homes, hospitals, schools, hotel rooms, office space, bar, kitchen, dining room and other indoor places (20-40 square meters).
• Instructions:
• place the unit at a distance of one meter above the ground the shadows to avoid being blocked Mosquito other objects on light and airflow vents can cause interference.
• power (rated voltage AC220V, rated frequency 50Hz), turn on the power switch, trapping lamp began to work.
• Best use: people into the situation in one hour before turning the machine starts mosquito control, and shut doors and windows and lighting.
Please mosquito's switch to the off position • When not in use, and then broadcast the power plug.
• cleaning and maintenance
• Click mosquitoes when issued crackling is a normal phenomenon, you must unplug the cleaning, electrical contact with the metal rod portion of the two-line cable short-circuited discharge screwdriver, and then use a soft brush to clean the power line of mosquito Canshi clean, non less than 12 years old and someone to operate, clean the product.
• long-term without proper cleaning and maintenance should be performed, and then the machine back in its original packaging to the tank seal.
• Before cleaning or moving mosquito, you should unplug the.
• Do not use mosquito studio fingers or other objects inserted into the inside of the product, in order to avoid damp or accident (danger of electrical shock);
• Do not use mosquito in ultraviolet light, sunlight or strong light place, but not in infants may be exposed to local authorities.
• No available serviceable parts inside the product, please do not dismantle repair:
• The product can not be applied to the barn, livestock sheds and similar establishments;
• The product may not be used for flammable and explosive dusts;