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DP LED-811 Powerful Mosquito

DP LED-811 Powerful Mosquito
  • DP LED-811 Powerful Mosquito
  • DP LED-811 Powerful Mosquito
Product code: 15568500001
Unit price: 16-30 AED
Reference price: 4.36-8.17 USD
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Detailed description:
1) Product Features:
1. Function: to destroy mosquito, can lighting.
2. The product rated capacity of up to 400mAh.
3. Long battery life, up to 500 times rechargeable use.
4. Charge voltage: AC110 / 220V 50 / 60Hz; work grid voltage: about 2000V.
5. With power protection switch, to enhance security.
6. adopt an energy-saving lights, high power, long life LED bulbs.
2) Instructions for use:
1. When charging, the power switch to the OFF position, the AC plug introduced directly into the AC110 / 220V power outlet, the corresponding charge indicator light, said Mosquito is charging, fully charged in about eight hours.
2, mosquito control and lighting method: power switch to ON1 position, press and hold the center button switches, work lights, and metal mesh surface of a high-voltage (do not touch) mosquito Grip waving clenched so. Grid exposed to mosquitoes. After use, release the button switch, indicator light goes out, a grid outage. When the power switch to ON2 position, LED lighting bulb illuminates, mosquito control, lighting can be used simultaneously.
3, the use of time: fully charged, you can use mosquito for about 10 days or so, bulbs lighting can be used continuously for about 25 hours.
4. Mosquito such as not using, please charge it over about 8 hours every store within three months, otherwise it will reduce battery life.
3) Safety issues:
1, this product should be stored away from children.
2. The power and socket must comply with safety regulations.
3, please stay away from flammable materials when charging, the charging time could not be more than 24 hours. (Suggestion charging in daylight)
4, do not toggle switch or touch the net when charging, it would burn LED bulb, inner components or electric shock.
5. Never store flammable or explosive gases or liquids places to use, do not touch the metal grid surface conductive material.
6. Do not let the product to rain or moisture, mosquito net surface residue that can be used long-haired soft brush or tap the number next to fall off.