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Mini electronic scales | portable, 40 kg

Mini electronic scales | portable, 40 kg
  • Mini electronic scales | portable, 40 kg
  • Mini electronic scales | portable, 40 kg
  • Mini electronic scales | portable, 40 kg
Product code: 15568100001
Unit price: 23-40 AED
Reference price: 6.27-10.9 USD
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1, the start: the electronic scales hanging it in a vertical state, press the POWER button to turn after the zero weight display, the objects hanging hook, display windows weight of the items of the absence of any key operation 60 seconds, the product automatically. shutdown.

2. Peel / ZERO: hanging over the bag or basket, after the display value, press TAPE button, the display shows zero weight and tare symbol TAPE, plus the weight of the newly added items are displayed items.

3, Lock: Press and hold TAPE key for 2 seconds, display L_ON or L_OF which L_ON expressed locking function will lock the stable display value and display the lock symbol LOCK Once locked, press the TAPE key, you can continue weighing... L_OF it means no lock function does not lock the display.

4, the light function: When you select the mode after the locking function when weighing items, the lamp is blinking, as the lamp is not lit when the flash has been expressed weighed in, the display is the number of items weight.

5, unit conversion: Press UNIT key, electronic scales in kg (kilograms), lb (pound), Jin cycle conversion (2 Jin = 1kg = 2.2lb = 35.3oz between (oz) ounces of four units ).

6. Shutdown: Press 'POWER' button off, or within 60 seconds without any operation of electronic scales automatic shutdown.

7, the largest weighing 40KG, minimum weight 100 grams, error + -10 g;


1, can not be overloaded, otherwise it will directly lead to product damage, Scales 100 g of the following products, in principle, the weighing scale is recommended not to use this!

2, each time the POST, electronic scales should be in the vertical direction.

3, is strictly prohibited hand products shell weighing more than 10KG of weight, plus recommendations aids weighing, otherwise due to hand shake, causing weighing errors exceeded.

4, in use should be avoided Meng strong collision and impact.

5, portable electronic scales shell with plastic, use a soft cloth with water or detergent heuristic cleaning, prohibited the use of benzene, nitro-based solvents, caustic liquids and other substances for cleaning and corrosion resistance.

6, if the low battery symbol is displayed (LO), please replace the battery. If the electronic scale long-term use, remove the batteries to avoid damage due to battery leakage circuit.