US telecommunications Digital Cordless Phone | single

US telecommunications Digital Cordless Phone | single

Product description:

Made in China, the United States Telecom customized 1 trailer 4 cordless digital telephone, AMERICAN DECT 6.0

DECT 6.0 using the latest digital communications technology, security, encryption clear low-power wireless transmission, without fear of being wireless receiver eavesdropping, security no radiation ( radiation only 1/200 the phone ), do not interfere with other electrical appliances. Original US telecommunications custom models , 120V voltage.


Unique speaker features a large volume ( handsfree )

Keyboard lock function

Fast power switch. ( More power and more convenient)

4 files ringer volume selection

9 kinds of ringtones switch selection

Phonebook Memory

The machine has 20 groups caller ID memory function

10 groups telephone number redial memory

Indoor / outdoor reception range: 30 m / 100 m

Mobile length : 13 cm, width: 4.5 cm, thickness: 2.5 cm, weight : 90 grams