US telecommunications digital cordless telephone | Dual

US telecommunications digital cordless telephone | Dual

Product description:

Made in China, the United States Telecom customized 1 trailer 4 cordless digital telephone, AMERICAN DECT 6.0

DECT 6.0 using the latest digital communications technology, security, encryption clear low-power wireless transmission, without fear of being wireless receiver eavesdropping, security no radiation (radiation only 1/200 the phone), do not interfere with other electrical appliances. Original US telecommunications custom models , 120V voltage.

The handset can be used hands-free way to call! Speakerphone effect of this phone is very good! How call volume level adjustment, can freely adjust the major small! Microphone is very sensitive, can release your hands, enjoy unlimited international calls!

Multi-handset capabilities, a base can register up to four handsets.

Between handset intercom, internal free intercom function and internal transfer function, and enables three-way calling function (to use this function in the case of multiple unit slave)


Unique speaker features a large volume (handsfree)

Keyboard lock function

Fast power switch. (More power and more convenient)

4 files ringer volume selection

9 kinds of ringtones switch selection

Phonebook Memory

The machine has 20 groups caller ID memory function

10 groups telephone number redial memory

Indoor / outdoor reception range: 30 m / 100 m

Mobile length: 13 cm, width: 4.5 cm, thickness: 2.5 cm, weight: 90 grams