iPhone5 interface converter head | Made in China

iPhone5 interface converter head | Made in China

Product description:

iphone4 / 4s are 30-pin interface, the newest iphone5 interface is 8-pin, the previous iphone data lines to be used must be before they can properly use the converter to convert by lightning .


Users do not have to buy a new lightning 8pin data line, using this converter plus a legacy of Apple data cable data lines can be like a normal lightning as normal use all the features .


30pin insert port connector into the original Apple cable. 8pin connector into the iPhone 5 or other device, you can use the same line as a normal data, the new lightning 8pin USB interfaces simpler, more convenient, more reliable performance while using lightning interface Apple's new device also 5th generation iPod touch, iPod nano 7th generation, ipad mini, ipad 4th generation, widely used.