External battery for iPhone | Made in China

External battery for iPhone | Made in China

Product description:

For IPHONE has increased by 210 hours of standby time, 20 hours of music and 7 hours of talk time, 6 hours of video time, 5 hours of Internet surfing time.
High light aluminum alloy surface material, the bottom of the arc-shaped curves showing personal charisma, charging all of Apple's family of products
In addition to charge IPHONE, and IPOD VIDEO TOUCH-specific external power supply

M400G the first lamp indicator flashes, when 15~35%, the first led will stay lit, always more light, more power, when fully charged, four LEDs will stay lit

Move the battery when there is no electricity, you can with the original USB charging cable to the external battery charging, also be prompted with blue LED blinking when charging charging status, about 4 can be charged through the USB charging completed, equipped with dust-proof plastic cover, suitable for carrying.

Touch of a button, can be detected at any time charge, presented by Blu-ray, remaining capacity how many users see at a glance