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Cable splitter | 1 into four

Cable splitter | 1 into four
  • Cable splitter | 1 into four
Product code: 15565000001
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Parameters: 5-1000MHz Bandwidth -130dB RFI
Material: metal casting sealed, digital distribution design
Accessories: with supporting Metric F connector (connected with bare)

Product Description: This product is suitable for long distance digital cable television distribution RF signal, the RF signal can be divided into four groups, at the same time for 4 TV use high isolation, shielding good, strong anti-interference.

Cable splitter designed specifically for digital high-definition, for digital high-definition cable network, is also applicable to an ordinary cable television network

Connection method:
1, F-type plug and coaxial cable as follows
First, the coaxial cable sheath shown by the back of the product packaging size strippers.
The cable is then fixed into the trap, and then plug into the network between the shield and the inner insulating gap.
Finally, the fixing ring with pliers clamp, the plug and the cable fastening, trim the end face of the center conductor to extend 2-4mm

2, the F-type connector with cable TV access is screwed into the distributor signal input terminal IN, to make fastening.

3, the F-type connector and cable TV connection screwed into the distributor signal output OUT, so that the fastening