USB car charger | Three cigarette lighter socket

USB car charger | Three cigarette lighter socket

Product description:

Unique USB port output power for USB devices

Usually only one car cigarette lighter hole, now take power from the cigarette lighter hole too many devices, such as car MP3, cell phone charger, car oxygen bar, power inverter, etc., this product can be expanded to three holes, easy to use, for you to lift the car to take power hard problem.

Is not feeling a car cigarette lighter is not enough, then try this little product right, it can turn into a three, convenient and practical.

Product description : convenient and practical, Seiko quality .

With power indicator light, you can clearly tell the power is turned on.
input ( input ) / output ( output ): 24V-12V.
With an extension cord.

1. Purpose : diesel trolley carts and other special ;

2, Usage: directly into the 24V cigarette lighter power supply ;

3. Scope: Car GPS, portable DVD, car charger, etc. This product is less than the rated power of all appliances