HS-V20 mini portable speaker

HS-V20 mini portable speaker

Product description:


Model : HS-V20

Product Category: Mini Speaker

Load power : 3W

Frequency range : 10-18K (Hz)

Speaker Unit Size : 52 (mm)

Speaker: 4 ohm

Sensitivity : 87 (dB)

Exterior Material: Aluminum

Speaker Impedance : 3 (Ω)

Speaker size : 59X59X60 (mm)

Midrange unit : 52MM

Impedance : 3 (Ω)

Lithium Battery : 3.7V 400mA

Weight : 0.15 (kg)

Color : purple, red, blue, silver

Read TF card .

USB readable


Portable design, can listen to music at any time

Support TF card, U disk MP3 format music

FM stereo radio, automatic channel selection can coexist station .

USB sound card function, directly through the USB cable connected to the computer can amplify the sound of the computer.

Power switch : switch

TF card slot : TF card into the connector

Headphone jack : Access USB data cable, lithium batteries can be charged .

Access line before turning on power, the computer will automatically detect the speakers with a USB sound card, you can amplify the sound of the computer.