Wireless microphone | dragged two pairs of microphones, AK-575

Wireless microphone | dragged two pairs of microphones, AK-575

Product description:

  • Brand: Flying Pa

  • Model: AK-575

  • Tuner Type: Dynamic

  • Wireless: Wireless

  • Channel Type: Mono

  • Uses microphone: ktv special

  • Point features: cardioid

Key Features:
Use 228.1-255.8MHz frequency band to avoid jamming frequency.

Multi-level narrow-band high-frequency and IF frequency selective filtering, fully eliminate the interference signal.

Low-power components, battery life expertise.

Handheld microphone with a battery indicator circuit, prompted to replace the battery.

Ad Hoc handheld microphone switch shock noise elimination circuit.

Expansion of audio compression technology to reduce noise and increase dynamic range.

Depression has diminished function effectively reduce transfusion whistle plus.

Unique noise mute function, refused to open the machine jamming external sound system cover.

Selected excellent chips and quality components, so that the machine excellent sound quality.

It can be accessed mixer and Karn OK amplifier, ultra-long-distance cable available.

Kongkuo Maximum distance of 100 meters, Kongkuo ideal distance of 80 meters.

Suitable for dance halls, conference rooms, teaching lectures and home entertainment.


Away from obstructions, there must be space around distance of 1 m above the receiver to use.

The receiver uses 220V ~ AC power, power consumption (3W;

Microphone techniques:

The receiver is placed in the ground, the wall of a minimum distance to 1 meter above the transmitter and receiver distance should be more than 1 meter;

Pull out the antenna is perpendicular to the ground, keeping the best results of the receiver.

Avoid placing the dead in order to maintain good reception when receivers.

When using the microphone Do not throw, throwing, to avoid damage.

When the microphone is not used, please turn off the power, DIP switches to OFF. If the long-term use, should remove the battery to avoid leakage and damage to the battery power supply falling shrapnel and internal circuit