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Altec Lansing VS4621 | 2.1 Speaker

Altec Lansing VS4621 | 2.1 Speaker
  • Altec Lansing VS4621 | 2.1 Speaker
  • Altec Lansing VS4621 | 2.1 Speaker
  • Altec Lansing VS4621 | 2.1 Speaker
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Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Geared for desktop and laptop computers, Altec Lansing's Octane Plus 2.1 Speaker System packs exceptional audio dispersion into a stylish, compact unit. Featuring a powerful subwoofer and down-firing mid-range drivers, the Octane Plus takes up minimal space on your desk, but fills your room with full-spectrum sound for your music, movies, gaming, and more.

The Octane Plus
2.1 Speaker System
At a Glance:

  • Unique downward-firing design for well-balanced sound.

  • Powerful 6-1/2-inch subwoofer for impact bass.

  • Audio Alignment technology for balanced components.

  • Compact, contemporary design takes up little space on the desk.

Controls for volume, treble, and bass are conveniently located on the speaker itself. View larger.

The Octane Plus features a compact, contemporary design that complements any computer or laptop. View larger.

Deep Bass and Full, Accurate Sound
To give you exceptional audio from your desktop or laptop computer, the Octane Plus features down-firing, three-inch, mid-range drivers that blast sound waves onto a hard surface, where they are reflected and evenly distributed throughout your room. The result is clear, well-balanced sound-whether you're watching movies, listening to music, or playing a video game.

In addition to the down-firing mid-range drivers, the Octane Plus also features dual one-inch micro-drivers for clear, detailed highs. Filling out the sound is a powerful 6-1/2-inch side-firing, long-throw subwoofer that delivers substantial bass and lets you fully experience loud explosions, kick drums, thunder, and other low-end effects.

Elegant Design Looks Great On Your Desk
By incorporating down-firing mid-range drivers into its design, the Octane Plus not only creates well-balanced sound, it also takes up very little space. Featuring a bold, contemporary design, the speakers will complement any computer or laptop.

For added convenience, the Octane Plus features separate bass and treble controls that let you fine-tune audio preferences for different music, movies, and games.

Auxiliary Input Jack Lets You Connect Other Devices
In addition to connecting to your computer, the Octane Plus also includes an auxiliary-in jack that lets you connect other devices, such as MP3, CD, and DVD players.

A downward-firing mid-range driver and a 6-1/2-inch woofer deliver full-range, well-balanced sound.
Audio Alignment Technology for Balanced Sound
Whether it's the tiniest of ear buds or the most imposing of subwoofers, Altec Lansing has refined every detail of its speakers to provide you with accurate sound reproduction and quality. Audio Alignment ensures that the key audio components work together to deliver your music the way it is meant to be heard, offering the perfect balance of your speaker system's drivers, enclosure, and electronics.

About Altec Lansing
For more than 70 years, audiophiles have recognized Altec Lansing as one of the world's most valuable and innovative audio brands. Headquartered in Milford, Pennsylvania, the company boasts a unique history of innovation that includes the introduction of first talkie film speakers, the first iPod docking station, and the first Works with iPhone speaker system. Altec Lansing makes a wide range of audio systems for the home and office, a line of headphones for personal listening, and the popular line of inMotion speaker systems for portable digital players.

The Octane Plus 2.1 Speaker System is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Octane Plus speaker system, color-coded cables, and quick connect guide.

Altec Lansing Computer
BXR1220BXR1221VS2620VS2621Octane 7Expressionist Ultra
Easy USB connectionSolid bassCrystal-clear soundCrystal-clear sound and powerful bassMost popular design with seven driversA 200-Watts (RMS) powerhouse
Key Features
  • Unique cylindrical satellite design

  • Connects directly to computer's USB port

  • Unique cylindrical satellite design with subwoofer

  • Looks good in any environment

  • Excellent drivers deliver superb audio

  • Space-saving subwoofer delivers big sound and strong bass

  • Looks good in any environment

  • Excellent drivers deliver superb audio

  • Features a total of seven drivers in a small, compact frame

  • Crisp high end with specially engineered micro drivers

  • Down-firing midrange drivers deliver warm, enveloping sound

  • Formidable lows from a tough, compact 6.5 subwoofer

  • Sleek, modern classic design

  • Formidable bass with a massive front-firing subwoofer

  • Tri-amplified design

  • Two-way satellite speakers

  • Works with computers, MP3 players, gaming consoles, TVs and DVD players

Sound Enhancement TechnologyAudio AlignmentAudio AlignmentAudio AlignmentAudio AlignmentAudio AlignmentAudio Alignment
Onboard ControlsPower, VolumePower, VolumePower, Volume, TonePower, Volume, TonePower, Volume, Bass, TreblePower, Volume, Bass, Treble
Audio Inputs2-channel analog (stereo) 2-channel analog (stereo) 2-channel analog (stereo) 2-channel analog (stereo) 2-channel analog (stereo) 2-channel analog (stereo) + RCA

BXR1220BXR1221VS2620VS2621Octane 7Expressionist Ultra
Secondary Aux In Jack

Magnetic Shielding
Sound Pressure80 dB SPL84 dB SPL92 dB SPL93 dB SPL95 dB SPL106 dB SPL
Total Continuous Power (RMS) N/ A9 Watts RMS5 Watts RMS28 Watts RMS28 Watts RMS200 Watts RMS
Peak PowerN/ A18 Watts10 Watts56 Watts56 Watts400 Watts
Frequency Response180 Hz-20kHz
(-10 dB)
50 Hz-18kHz
(-10 dB)
90 Hz-20kHz
(-10 dB)
45 Hz-18kHz
(-10 dB)
45 Hz-18kHz
(-10 dB)
40 Hz-20kHz
(-10 dB)
Speaker ConfigurationTwo 2 full-range driversTwo 2 full-range drivers with 4 subwooferTwo 3 full-range drivers with two 3 passive radiatorsTwo 2 full-range drivers with 4 subwooferFour 1 high frequency micro drivers and two 3 mid-bass drivers, with 6.5 subwooferTwo 3 mid-range and two 1 high-frequency neodymium drivers, with 6.5 subwoofer

Product Description

A small system that takes on any challenge, the Octane 7 punches heavy sound. A lot more than meets the eye, this versatile system is packing seven custom-designed drivers. Unique down-firing midrange drivers hidden inside each satellite speaker blast waves which reflect from a hard surface, sending sound rocketing in all directions. A sharp, compact design lets this astonishing system fit in easily with your style. With the monster subwoofer pushing serious bass and the midrange drivers flooding the room with warm sound, this is a small system that delivers enormous sound. Plug in your computer or device and get serious audio in any situation.