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Bluetooth keyboard cover for iPads2 | made in china

Bluetooth keyboard cover for iPads2 | made in china
  • Bluetooth keyboard cover for iPads2 | made in china
  • Bluetooth keyboard cover for iPads2 | made in china
  • Bluetooth keyboard cover for iPads2 | made in china
  • Bluetooth keyboard cover for iPads2 | made in china
Product code: 15552700001
Unit price: 60-80 AED
Reference price: 16.34-21.79 USD
Minimum order:
Other info:
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This product has three notable features, one of which is built a physical keyboard, can provide near PC input experience for the user. The second is the whole body with a good leather material, not only comfortable but also highlight the distinguished. Third it has protection package function, can provide comprehensive protection for the iPad. As a result, the price of this product greatly enhance the full interpretation of the Trinity land and sea Amphibious idea (laughs).

Apple iPad body size is 24.3cm (length) * 18.9cm (width), and this leather protection package product size is 26cm (length) * 20cm (width) protective package not only be able to fully accommodate the iPad body, and resembles document package style also highlights the user taste.

Sophisticated materials and exquisite workmanship

Products using the superior black leather materials, leather good not only feel very comfortable, and have good abrasion resistance. Further products work fine, very neat thread protective package also sew a soft fodder Bluetooth keyboard, This is also the core selling point of the product, which allows iPad support keyboard text entry function.
This leather protection package cover part of the magnets, the appearance quite similar to a briefcase. Product Size 24.3cm (length) * 18.9cm (width), can be the perfect fit iPad body. When the iPad loaded therein, will be exposed side a small amount of the frame part, basically 95% of effective protection, and because protection bag with leather material, so with a certain degree of shock absorption characteristics, the general bump and beat the iPad does not cause body damage.

Product Details

Packaging components:

1. Leather Jacket
2. Micro USB power charging cable
3. English manual

Product Features:

1. built-in wireless Bluetooth
2. Dedicated personalized PU leather packaging design
3. ipad designed specifically for vertical use
4. Built-rechargeable lithium battery, the charging time is approximately 4-5 hours.
5. Dedicated Home screen button to switch into the multiple applications.
6. Lightweight, silent, waterproof, and dust-free design.
7. special fuel-saving sleep mode.

Keyboard Specifications:

1. Bluetooth 2.0 interface standard
2. Use a distance of up to 10M.
3. Modulation: 2.4GHZ
4. Working voltage: 3.0-5.0V
5. Operating Current (5.0MA
6. Standby current 2.5MA
7. Sleep current (200μA
8. The charging current ≥100mA.
9. Standby time 60 days
10. Charging time 4-4.5 hours
11. The lithium battery capacity 450MA
12. The continuous work up to 30 hours.
13. Lithium battery life of 3 years
14. The lithium battery specifications 40 * 20 * 35MM
15. Key strength: 80 ± 10g
16. Key life of up to 5 million times.
17. Operating temperature: -10- + 55 ℃
18. Humidity: 20% -50%

Instruction manual:

A. Turn on the power switch, power indicator lights, and Bluetooth pairing five seconds, then turn off.
II. Short press Connect (matching keys), Bluetooth pairing light will flash, the power indicator is bright. At this time the Bluetooth keyboard is in the connection among the ipad.
III. Open ipad, click on the Settings icon on the Settings button, point generic entry, enter the Bluetooth settings, open Bluetooth connection points, ipad will automatically search for available Bluetooth devices.
IV. Discovering Bluetooth keyboard, point connection
V. Bluetooth keyboard to type the password displayed on the screen.
VI. Keyboard connection is successful, the code indicator is off, the power indicator light will be long until the power is turned off.

Special key Description
ESC: a key homing
F1: a key to dim
F2: a key to brighten
F3: a key to bring up the virtual keyboard IPAD
F4: a key to enter the album
F5: a key to search
F6: a key language switch
F7: a key to the next song
F8: a key player
F9: on one key song
F10: a key voice switch
F11: a key volume down
F12: a key volume plus
Lock-shaped key: a key black power standby mode

The wireless Bluetooth keyboard can be connected to the Iphone 3G, 3GS, 4, and ipod Touch, but the operating system must be updated to the latest version iphon OS4.0, etc., it can also be connected to other Bluetooth standard and compatibility with a compatible device on.

Charging issues
When the battery is lower than the operating voltage, the power light starts flashing, indicating the keyboard to be charged.

The machine is equipped with a Micro USB cable USB-B access to keyboard charging interface.
USB-A connector to the computer USB port
When charging, the power indicator (red) long light indicates when charging is complete the power indicator light turns off, unplug the USB charging cable.

Saving sleep mode
When the keyboard 10 minutes of work, it will enter sleep mode, the power light is off, when you press any button, wait 3 seconds the keypad will return from sleep mode to work mode. You can continue to use.