iPhone Mini Bluetooth Keyboard | Made in China

iPhone Mini Bluetooth Keyboard | Made in China

Product description:

Wireless Bluetooth keyboard can be used for ipad2 and ipad3 & iphone

1.0 Product Features
1.1 Multifunction Bluetooth keyboard, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, easy connection .
1.2 apply to IOS system it can be used for ipad2 and ipad3.
1.3 scissors angle and chocolate keycap, feel more comfortable when using
1. 4 built- in lithium battery, rechargeable repeated use
1.5 has both the wisdom of stylish appearance, as you carry it around when the best swim indispensable companion

Keyboard Specifications:
Lithium-polymer battery
Battery capacity : 130mah

Product Specifications :

Bluetooth version Bluetooth 3.0

Product Size 11.5 * 16 * 0.8cm

Box size cm

Carton size cm

product weight

net weight


Quantity (pc) Item

Colour black

Power 130 mah

Working current 2.5-3.5MA

Sleep Current 200uA

Charging time 3-4 hours

operating hours 25 days

Keyboard life 2 million

1. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
2. USB charging cable
3. Instructions