iPhone 4双Sim card accessories | Made in China

iPhone 4双Sim card accessories | Made in China

Product description:

Dual Card User's Guide

1, the installation :

SIM1 into Cato, and loaded Micro card suppress SIM1; ordinary card into the SIM2 slot; folding connection with pressed MICRO card, insert Cato cover protective shell .

2, use:

  1. Into the phone menu, select Q-SIM, is shown below :

* Switch No.

Auto / SW


  1. To use two separate SIM card, select SIM-1 can be used alone or SIM-2, * asterisk represents choose success .

  2. Select Auto / SW ( asterisk appears in front *), SIM-1 and SIM-2 will automatically switch .

  3. Choose Setup will be more sub-menu selections Other functions are as follows:

SIM1 No.

Sim2 No.

SIM1 time: 03

Sim2 time: 03

  1. Select or, you can edit the name of 11 characters SIM card, after the editing is complete, the name will replace the SIM1 or SIM2 appear on the phone screen .

  2. Select SW Time: 03 representatives set the automatic switching time is 0-99 minutes default switching time is 3 minutes, you can set up to 99 minutes .