Elite-650Pro | Mercury UPS (uninterruptible power supply) 650VA

Elite-650Pro | Mercury UPS (uninterruptible power supply) 650VA

Product description:

Murcury Elite 650 PRO 650VA UPS

Specifications: Input voltage 220VAC; Input frequency 50Hz; Input phase Single phase; Input socket With Fuse; Cold Start (0 to 100% load) Press the ON/ OFF switch; Input range (220V) 140V-300V; Rating output (VA) . 650VA; Rating output (W) . 390W; Rating output (W) . Battery mode (simulated sine wave) , AC mode (sine wave) ; Power factor 0.6; Rating voltage 220V; Output range 220Vac-7%+15% ( in battary mode ) ; Rear Output Socket 2xUniversal-Battery backup; Transfer time TYPICAL 4-8 ms; Communication Interface NIL; Rating frequency 50Hz; Output Frequency Line-mode Synchronize with the Utility; Battery mode 50 Hz±1Hz; Output Frequency Line Mode Synchronize with the utility; Short Circuit Protection Line Mode FUSE & firmware protection; Battery Mode Software protection controlled by firmware; Overload Protection Line Mode 110%+-5% (Go to fault mode after 5 minutes) , 120%+-5% (Go to fault mode immediately) ; Battery Mode 110%+-5% (Shutdown after 5 minutes) ; 120%+-5% (Shut down immediately) ; Rati

Brand: Mercury Category: UPS / Inverters (Mercury)