universal battery charger for laptop

universal battery charger for laptop

Product description:

Product Description

• This universal adapter will act just like your original power adapter that came with your laptop.
• Switching-mode power supply, adapts to large voltage range, stable and safe.
• Over voltage and short circuit protection.
• Multiple voltage output, specially designed for universal usage of laptop charging.
• It can protect the electric circuit in a great degree.
• Best solution to use electric appliances in your travel, mobile office or outdoor work.
• This universal laptop power adapter comes with 8 interchangeable DC tips to fit most laptops.
• Protection: Over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, thermal protection.
• High-efficiency energy conversion, energy-saving and environmental-friendly.
• This laptop adapter inverter input: DC 12V 24V.
• Output voltages: ±12V, ±24V.
• Maximum output power: 100W.
• Working temperature: 0℃-40℃.
• Working humidity: 20%-80%.
• Storage temperature: -0℃-40℃.
• Dimension of Laptop AC Adapter: 128*55*34mm.
• Overload / short circuit protection: Yes.