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Awei ES700i Headphones | for phone / high quality

Awei ES700i Headphones | for phone / high quality
  • Awei ES700i Headphones | for phone / high quality
  • Awei ES700i Headphones | for phone / high quality
  • Awei ES700i Headphones | for phone / high quality
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awei ES-700i MP3 MP4 ear headset is a headset, speaker diameter is 11.5mm, frequency of 20Hz-20KHz, 16 ohms, sensitivity of up to 95dB, crystal blue appearance, with a layer of pouches, the size of the two sets of silicone , clip and Italian leather purses, microphone sensitivity aspects -43dB, use 3.5mm stereo jack, cable length 1.5 m.

1. Unique horn core technology brings perfect sound enjoyment

A: High-performance dynamic speaker systems with powerful neodymium magnets, the maximum possible to achieve a balanced and precise audio to reproduce, to achieve high-fidelity audio.

B: a unique sound film and the traditional patterns are different, the vibration area of ​​the vibrating membrane than conventional bigger, and the original multi-process multi-station operations merge into the same station-stop operation thus greatly reducing discrete sound. problems and achieve excellent performance stability of the high quality requirements.

2. Awei (with Victoria) to music on headphones, ergonomic high-precision moving-coil loudspeaker secondary structure, bringing the art of thin headset, make it thinner and more delicate, more to reduce the headphone volume to prevent unnecessary vibration, thus providing a smoother bass and clearer treble transparent, while reducing the ear pain and suited.

3. Unique inclined insert earphones bring comfortable wearing experience VIP, entirely according to the human ear anatomy to create a slight 15-degree ramp into earplugs, more ergonomic acoustic design so as to achieve a natural and comfortable to wear, easy fatigue.

4. The original color highlighting injection technology brings colorful fashion.

Ears and ear cap making use color to highlight our original injection molding technology, making it full-bodied texture, colorful, and have a particular three-dimensional and a mirror effect, lead a new generation of fashion headset using ABS (engineering plastics) , PE (super anti-wear, breakage), to ensure the life of the headset.

5. The three sizes of ultra-soft silicone caps ensure suit different user needs, its environmental ultra-soft features give users a sense of comfort for prolonged use. More particularly hungry is attached to the ear and the ear of tightness bring excellence noise isolation, even on planes and trains and other noisy environments can get extraordinary listening experience.

6. The ear shell around fine pores, consistent in the high-strength pressure using a headset to hear the perfect sound quality, on the plane, plateau sound film normal pronunciation, use normal.

Compatible with iphone ipod ipad.