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Hi-Fi MH2001 Wireless Headset | 5-in-1

Hi-Fi MH2001 Wireless Headset | 5-in-1
  • Hi-Fi MH2001 Wireless Headset | 5-in-1
  • Hi-Fi MH2001 Wireless Headset | 5-in-1
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How it works: emission host needs to have the audio signal input, and a wireless transmitter, a wireless headset to receive and play music through headphones
Wireless headset when using the FM radio, it can be used alone, without having to work with the host
Watching TV late at night, in order not to affect the family or neighbors, using the wireless headphones to watch TV, and most
Will launch a host of audio input cable plug into a TV set-top box or satellite TV receiver's audio output port

1. Wireless headset (high sensitivity, interference, voice signals can penetrate walls, objects and other obstacles for the audio output of any electrical appliances have a TV, computer, DVD, VCD, etc., the effective distance of 30 meters)
2. Wireless Internet chat: wireless headset, wireless wheat, can be done at a distance of 45 meters away from the computer for online voice chat.
3. FM radio, listen to FM radio, automatic station search, the frequency stability.
4. With a monitoring function (similar to prison - listen - implement)
5. The wired headset and wireless can Huzhuan.

• Imported chip and core technology, signal super, outstanding.
• can receive full channel TV sound can also receive rear projection, computer, DVD, VCD and all other electronic products with audio output.
• Built-in microphone, you can chat with wireless Internet access, with radio function, digital homing station, receiving a stereo FM radio, cool appearance, chic, fashionable.

In addition to the appearance of fashionable wireless headset, clear sound and beautiful, it has a lot of the following functions:
• may be in the turbulent car, on a leisurely bicycle, accompanied by cheerful footsteps, listen to FM radio. In this highly competitive world and colorful, all the time so that you can receive messages from all sides. Listening to music, relax.
• in the dead of night, very enjoyable to watch wonderful TV programs, but it will not affect the love you and the people you love.
• You can get rid of the shackles of cable, a glass of water if you need to go away, do not worry, it does not matter. In the space you walk away and they can listen to the clear dialogue, beautiful melodies, because the headset sound signal can wear through walls, objects and other substances, no angle restrictions.
• This machine has an automatic tracking and locking radio function, it has enough wisdom will lock your favorite programs firmly. You can freely switch channels to watch the program without having to worry about other things, can be connected to a computer, with audio output of any electrical appliances VCD, DVD and so on.

Configuration: transmitter, receiver, TV video cable two (Note: This wireless headset microphone is above the transmitter is not in the headphones above, this product is not equipped with an external power supply adapter manufacturers