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Hi-Fi SF880 wireless headset | 8-in-1

Hi-Fi SF880 wireless headset | 8-in-1
  • Hi-Fi SF880 wireless headset | 8-in-1
  • Hi-Fi SF880 wireless headset | 8-in-1
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Wireless Headset SF-880 specification Introduction

The machine has eight functions: 1. Wireless headset: can be accessed by computers, TV, VCD, DVD, CD / MP3 and other audio sources.

2. FM radio: wireless headphones to listen 88-108MHZ FM radio receiver and automatically track the locking station.

3. Wireless Internet voice chat: Transmitter built-in microphone, the transmitter switch to AUDIO-CHAT stalls, transmit Used audio cable connected to a computer voice jack, put on headphones can be done from the computer 3-5 meters Far online voice chat.

4. Wireless monitoring function: the transmitter switch to the MONITOR position, the transmitter placed in infants, the elderly, patients and other people in need of care side, using the receiver can listen to the voices of those being cared, convenient and easy to care.

5. The wired headset: headphones have received an audio input jack, coupled audio cable (with configuration inside), can be used as a wired headset to use.

6. wired headset: beautiful sound, strong stereo, fully enjoy the charm of music.

7. Noise Reduction: wearing headphones, effectively reduce interference from external noise, but also you a pristine, clear personal music world.
8. DC4.5V power supply: DC4.5V AA batteries and two power supply, more convenient and practical.