Screen protectors | available for 7-inch Tablet PC China

Screen protectors | available for 7-inch Tablet PC China

Product description:

First, the product features:
1. The product uses the original species PET material imported from Japan, it belongs to a new generation of high permeability three-layer LCD screen protection special materials;
2. Protection of membrane surface by the wear scratch, wear strength of 4H;
3. The protective film anti-ultraviolet treatment, avoid UV damage to the LCD screen;
4. Can reduce the reflection up to 90% light transmission rate of 99%, after pasting the screen is more clear and vivid;
5. fully using electrostatic adsorption principle, the paste is more simple and easy to produce bubbles;
6. The unique micro rounded design, closer to the edge of the screen;
7. A variety of specifications of various sizes to match the laptop screen.
8. hardness up to 4H level, effectively prevent the LCD screen scratching and wear, can easily wipe, easy to clean, it can be washed, re-use

Second, the functional characteristics:
1. effectively prevent scratches and wear a laptop screen;
2. Surface antistatic, not easy to accumulate dust, pollution prevention and strong, use a soft cloth;
3. direct contact is not easy to leave fingerprints;
4. There is a special anti-reflective, glare function, eliminating 98% of ambient reflected light, and with a certain degree of anti-peeping sex;
5. ultrahigh permeability, bright as a mirror.