SSK SATA Harddisk case | 2.5inch

SSK SATA Harddisk case | 2.5inch

Product description:

Maximum operating speed up to 5.0Gbps
9.5mm supports various brands on the market standard 2.5-inch SATA hard drives and SSD
Premium utility features: Hardware write-protect switch/ OTB key backup
With DC interface, support user matching independent power
USB cable configuration, easy to use
Note: 1, set before the write-protect switch shall be connected to the computer.
2, OTB one touch backup function by supporting value-added software settings you want.

Product specifications
Bare metal size: 131 (L) X80 (W) X14 (H) mm
Bare metal weight: 0.135kg
Color: Black
Material: Leng Gagang +ABS, the surface of rubber oil
Working temperature: -20 ° c to + 65 ° c
Humidity: 20%RH to 85%RH
System requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7, MAC OS 8.6/ Linux 2.4 or higher system