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Keyboard protective film | for Notebook

Keyboard protective film | for Notebook
  • Keyboard protective film | for Notebook
  • Keyboard protective film | for Notebook
Product code: 15541900001
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Other info: Transparent
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(product manual)

Size: 33 * 14.8CM

Color: Clear
For books: Universal.

1, automatic tightly adsorbed on a laptop keyboard, but without resorting to double-sided tape, solves the normal keyboard film need the help of adhesive tape stuck on both sides but still strong drawbacks!

2, antibacterial processing, easy to grow bacteria can keep the keyboard clean;

3, using the latest high-quality imported green silicone materials, meticulous design and production, 100% tailor-made according to notebook keyboard, good wear resistance, high strength and ductility liter difficult to break.;

4, its good heat dissipation so as not to affect the laptop heat emanating from the keyboard;

5, anti-yellowing up to 4H;

6. soft and high flexibility, ultra-thin (about 0.35mm), high transparency, tactile.

7, easy to install, can be positioned directly on the keyboard without pasting and cutting;

8, easy to use, closely fit the keyboard surface, does not affect any keyboard operation;

9, waterproof, dustproof, no longer have to worry about water, cola, coffee, dust, ash, biscuit crumbs and other objects to damage the computer;

10, easy to clean, anti-wear, ensure that you have a new and health of keyboard

11, incorporating convenient, free twists and turns without deformation.

12, silicone material, soft touch, non-slip surface feature that lets you typing easier, ultra-thin design, does not affect the computer switch.

13, anti-breaking design, you can freely fold will not leave the crease, allowing you to carry or washing more convenient.

143D three-dimensional design, the use does not move, you can completely close tie together at the surface of the keyboard without affecting the keyboard operation.


1, applies to any brand 15.4-inch and below notebooks; notebook keyboard is smaller than the size of the film can be freely cropped;

2, all-around flowers keyboard stickers by electrostatic adsorption on the keyboard, even if it is not placed vertically glue off the computer;

3, ultra-soft materials products, does not affect the results button at work, high permeability and strong.