Screen protector | For notebook

Screen protector | For notebook

Product description:

1 to protect LCD: bright stick surface hardness than the average LCD polarizing film on the surface, and smooth, can effectively protect against accidental scratches and wear.

2, the mirror effect: LCD bright stickers can bring the ordinary LCD, into a mirror effect your beautiful screen!

3, lighting: normal screen matte surface, fluorescent light through the LCD surface when being scattered, the light entering the eye to reduce. After but bright stickers, lamps made of light, almost completely vertical injection, more access to the human eye, can increase the brightness of the screen, of course!

4, automatic electrostatic adsorption, isolated from the radiation.

Isolating dust-enhance color, Visual effects more clearly.

Electrostatic adsorption-electrostatic ion adsorption, no adhesive residue does not hurt the screen.

Ultra-high imports of light-special materials, near-invisible visual effect.