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Display Cleaning Kit | for any screen

Display Cleaning Kit | for any screen
  • Display Cleaning Kit | for any screen
  • Display Cleaning Kit | for any screen
Product code: 15541600001
Unit price: 2.5-10 AED
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Environmental LCD cleaning agent: sterilization, anti-static, effectively dust, makes the screen bright as brand-new;
Microfiber cleaning cloth: easily remove dust and dirt, not to hurt the screen, leaving no trace, not to hurt the product surface, lint-free wadding, soft and comfortable, rub brighter;
Keyboard cleaning brush: Easily remove dust and debris inside the keyboard slot;
The main purpose:

- Daily cleaning for the computer monitor screen, keyboard and other maintenance to remove dust, dirt and all kinds of signs;

- It can be used to clean the LCD TVs, plasma TVs, digital cameras, mobile phones and other appliances maintenance;

- It can be used for a variety of VCD, DVD optical disc of cleaning and maintenance.

Screen Cleaning: If only a small trace of dust and direct the cleaning cloth to gently wipe with a fleece; in case of stubborn stains or hard, dry, turn off the monitor power, the screen cleaner shake, 20 to 30 centimeters from the screen will cleaner sprayed on the screen surface, gently wipe; cleaner can also be sprayed on the surface of cloth, then wipe the screen surface, can be bright as new.
Keyboard cleaning: first with the keyboard cleaning brush keyboard inside the crevice dust, debris swept out, and then the keyboard cleaners shake, spray on microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe the keyboard can.
Other parts cleaning: Available versatile cleaning brush to dust on the inside of each computer components to the chassis, in particular fans, processor and other components.