Rooftop packaged unit

Rooftop packaged unit

Product description:

Vicot rooftop packaged units are applied in the industrial and commercial fields such as hotel, supermarkets, authorized dealing shop, office building and factory workshop. They perfectly connect many characteristic of large-sized central a/ c, such as convenience, comfort, high-class , the simplicity and flexibility. The new design makes use of the space module, the features of small-sized commercial modern building space, making the cool and heat air spread into each room averagely to form Zero temperature difference. Besides, outdoor fresh air can be absorbed. The air path can connect with indoor ornament which is completely hidden and doesn't occupy any space. It has become a new generation of products of central a/ c and traditional commercial a/ c.


  1. Various products and wide application

    The series of Rooftop units include many different specifications which can completely meet the demand of home and commercial places and offer you a comfortable and pleasant environment.

    2. Complete air system, simple and hygiene, less components, easy maintenance
    The flexible and concise design makes the maintenance very simple. Disassembling several bolts from any side of the unit can repair any part of the unit.

    3. Microcomputer intelligent controller can reach four control modes: cooling, dehumidifying, and ventilation. It also has the functions of timing on-off and failure display.

    4. Excellent performance
    World well-known brand of main parts are used. To guarantee the rational match of the unit, strict performance testing is done. Besides the unit runs steady and the vibration and noise are effectively controlled by the use of multi-vane pitch centrifugal fan, world-known high efficiency compressor and the elaborative-designed controller, motor, etc.

    5. Quiet operation and Convenient maintenance
    Reach the lowest noise of the a/ c room. The a/ c units are placed far from the a/ c area which meets the demand of indoor low noise to the greatest degree. The adoption of high efficiency and low noise centrifugal fan makes the quiet operation come true.

Rooftop packaged unit range: 3TR to 40TR

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