air handling unit

air handling unit

Product description:

VAH series air handling unit is a high quality and efficiency product developed by Vicot, it's widely applied for central air conditioning system. It's made of special anti-cold bridge aluminum frame, good quality panel, finned heat exchanger, low noise centrifugal fan motor, filter etc. , main features of which are impact size, less power consumption, low noise and convenient for installation and maintenance, widely used in hotel, shopping building, restaurant and various industrial and civil building.
VAH series is classified as per air flow rate from 1500m3/ h to 25000m3/ h, the model can be selected according to the required air flow rate and ESP, it has three types of installation, horizontal, vertical and suspended type. Standard power supply is 380V/ 3PH/ 50Hz, please specify the power supply if not the standard one.
VAH unit intakes air by suction, the hot water should not be higher than 65°C for heating, water quality should be good, and have filter at water inlet.
The unit should not bear the weight of air duct and/ or water piping.
Variable air flow controller and electricity protection device is optional.
Different ESP requirement can be customized upon specific request.
Certain space should be kept around the unit for maintenance and filter removal, and maintenance hole should be kept over the suspended installation unit.
The air supply method can be customized, the standard unit will be provided if no special request.
Customized unit will be provided upon request.

Product feature

1. No cold bridge design
No cold bridge is realized with Italy design, eliminates the potentiality of decoration damage caused by condensed water.
2. Low air leakage ratio
The contact is close between panel and mazelike aluminum frame with the sealing strip, the air leakage ratio is almost zero.
3. Good insulation performance
The panel is made of polyurethane or polystyrene of 30mm thickness, with exterior and interior steel panel of 0.4mm. It's has good insulation performance and no condensed water in any ambient condition.

4. Variable air flow adjustment
Optional variable air flow adjustment for better comfortableness and energy saving.
5. Low noise
Adopts good quality forward DI curved centrifugal fan motor that passed strict dynamic and static balance test, operation is stable and noise is low. Fan motor bearing is concealed maintenance free ball bearing.
6. Easy to assemble or dismantle
VAH series uses aluminum frame structure and plug in aluminum cast corner, has good mechanical strength, light weight and corrosion durable, it's easy to assemble or dismantle at site.
7. The washable preliminary filter is of G4 type, made of good nylon material.
8. The coil is designed by CAD/ Coil software, made of copper tube and aluminum fin, has good heat exchange performance and less air resistance with large fin space.
9. Specially made dry drain pan, it's slightly inclined to the drain pipe side, no water accumulated on it, keeps clean environment.
The drain pan surface is plastic sprayed, and insulated with high magnification expanded polystyrene, no worry about condensed water or water leakage.

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