air cooled water chiller

air cooled water chiller

Product description:

VMA (N) L (Vicot Modular screw unit) is a new generation of modular unit developed by Vicot. This unit is energy saving and convenient in use, which has the function of reverse cycle automatic defrosting, double steps automatic anti-freezing, built-in self-diagnosable system, and is controlled by microcomputer. Applicable to hotels, villas, hospitals, cinemas, stadiums, recreations, office blocks, factories and so on. It can also provide chilled water or moderate hot water for industria purpose.

The unit is suitable for installing in outspace such as roof, floor and porch, left off the boiler room and the special room, decreased the investment of building project. And no need of cooling tower and cooling water pump, this unit saves water greatly. And the unit is easy to install, manage and maintain.


Unique design, less investment

Modular design suitable for bigger application area, automatic energy output adjustment as per actual load requirement.

Multi parallel connection, multi steps start by sequence, minimize starting current, good to electricity skid.
Fully-automatic control
The operation and management of this unit are controlled by microcomputer system. It is easy to operate so that the professional management personnel are unnecessary. The units turn on/ off the compressor automatically according to the load, making the units operate on the point of the most economical, and energy saving. And there are complete protective functions such as error self-detecting system, balancing the compressor wear automatically, and anti-freezing automatically in winter.


The M shaped air cooled condenser for modular screw type, which is ingenius, beautiful and compacting. This unit looks clear and refinement by means of designing the components and tubs reasonably.
The unit is well in anticorrosion, so that it can be placed in outdoor space without special room.
Intelligent defrosting

Each circuit is separate to the others at inner cooling system, and controls the operation of the system independently. So it is separating when booting up. According to the different climatic conditions (temperature and humidity) to set the parameters for automatic defrosting, defrost is thoroughly and energy-saving, increasing the heating efficiency. And the defrosting has no significant influence to the indoor air-conditioning temperature.

Intelligent anti-freezing

This unit adopts anti-freezing automatic dual-class protection, preventing the water system being damaged once the refrigerant freezing at winter. The anti-freezing protection can be quitted automaticly when the water temperature is increased according to the operation of heating or pump.

Convenient operation

Each unit is strictly tested. And the protective parameters are set. So you will just connect the power and the water pipes at installation, and operate the computer controller when you use it.

No limit of pipe length

The piping length just have little impact one the capacity, only the change of water pump for longer piping.

Simple installation.
No on site refrigerant charge, light weight and compact size for easy handling.

Efficient shell & tube heat exchanger evaporator

  1. High heat transfer efficiency, less weight, easy to clean.

    2. Good anti corrosion property.

    3. Long life time .

    4. Precise temperature control.

    5. Easy cleaning

Heating operation in low temperature down to -10

Reliable screw compressor.

Touch screen controller

Air cooled water chiller range:

  1. Packaged air cooled water chiller from 20kW to 45kW

  2. Modular scroll air cooled water chiller from 65kW to 130kW

  3. Screw Air cooled water chiller from 180kW to 860kW

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