Water cooled water chiller

Water cooled water chiller

Product description:

Water cooled water chiller is a central air conditioning equipment that provide chilled water and cooled by cooling water from cooling tower. It has features such as high efficiency, low noise, impact size, simple and safe operation and easy installation, and wide application in hotel, shopping center, office building, exhibition hall, airport, gymnasium and other public facility.

VWSA Series water cooled water chiller is developed on the base of the full absorption of the latest international and domestic technology in the refrigeration and air conditioning field, this product is designed and manufactured strictly as per the international industry standard using famous high quality and high reliability compressor, refrigeration system control components and computer controller in optimized system matching and structure design.


  1. Weak andstrong electrical control separation for maximum

  2. High efficient and stable compressor

    1) Electric motor sized to limit the starting currents
    2) Intermediate port to the compression area for economizer or liquid injection.
    3) High efficiency integrated oil separator
    4) Capacity control through hydaulic slide valve in step or stepless modality
    5) Profiles of the screws optimized to grant the maximum efficiency and durability
    6) Error rate is extremely low
    7) complete auto protection and regulation devices.

  3. Vibration proof, high pressure durable and flexible design for long life time

  4. Precise design, select excellent components

    1) Scientific system design as per actual operation condition, optimized component selection, key components are of international famous manufacturer.

  5. Outstanding quality

1) All the units shall pass different tests with the performance testing equipment certified by national refrigeration equipment inspection center before leaving factory, the test is strictly performed as per national standard.

6. Reliable Controller & Simple Operation

1) . Perfect control

A. High speed microprocessor
B. Reserved the terminal for SMS control
C. Reserved the terminal for PC monitoring hardware
D. With self diagnosis function, and automatically eliminate software problem, the capability of anti-interference is improved by the software uses redundancy and trap technology with WATCHDOG of hardware.
E. Advanced touch screen is used, the lifetime of which is more than 1million times of consecutive touch.

2) . Direct reading and display

A. Working mode;
B. Entering and leaving water temperature;
C. Control object temperature;
D. Operation status;
E. Setting / query/ history reading access interface

3) . Convenient operation and setting

4) . Protections that ensure its safe and stable operation

7. Simple installation

Water cooled water chiller capacity range:

Residential water cooled water chiller from 8kW to 40kW

Modular water cooled water chiller from 80kW to 360kW

Screw water cooled water chiller from 430kW to 3100kW

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