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Love he loves her | backgammon vivo x5max phone shell | vivox5max + protective cover metal border shell

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: metal
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color Classification: Tu Hao + Tempered Tempered Silver + Tempered Black + Tempered Membrane + Striped Tempered Phnom Penh + Tempered Phnom Penh Peace + Tempered Films Phnom Penh Swan Girls + Membrane Silver Silk Road Aircraft + Tempered Film Phnom Penh + Tempering Phnom Penh Camouflage + Tempered Film Phnom Penh Romantic London + Tempered Film Phnom Penh Deer Love + Tempered Film Phnom Penh Butterfly + Tempered Film Phnom Penh badboy + Tempered Film Phnom Penh Never Told + Tempered Film Silver Edge Goodnight + Tempered Films Phnom Penh Tower + Tempered silver silver edge never give up + steel film silver edge of the ink + steel film side dandelion + steel membrane Phnom Penh bird by people + steel membrane silver side of the Porcelain + steel membrane Phnom Penh British wind + steel membrane Phnom Penh hero + steel membrane
  • Style: Business
  • For mobile phone models: BBK / backgammon
  • Backgammon model: x5max-5.5 inch
  • Brand: love him love her
  • Model: vivo x5max

Backgammon vivo x5max Metal frame phone case

This subsection applies to the following versions: Vivo x5max /X5max + /X5maxL /X5maxV /X5maxF

note: (X5Max S Platinum Edition / Mobile 4G) This version can not be GM!

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