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1.3 million high-definition webcam night vision full-color light-free starlight level dim light outdoor surveillance camera probe

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Product parameters:

  • Appearance color: color
  • Brand: VIDEK / Weide Kang
  • Model: VD-IPAK
  • Intelligence Type: Other
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Focal length: 6mm 8mm 12mm
  • Focal length: wide angle
  • Resolution: 960P 1080p
  • Sensitive area: other
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door
  • Effective distance: 30m and above
  • Lens size specifications: 6mm

24-hour high-definition full-color Night vision Wang Wang, manufacturers independent research and development production.

Factory direct sales , Quality assurance!

★ night vision function is good, night color HD.

Ps: This low-light full-color camera is only suitable for outdoor light where it is not recommended in all black places, where used in light, light the better, full-color effect better and clearer.

Please note before shooting!