Joyoung / Joyoung | DJ13B-C639SG Free-automatic filter Soymilk genuine

Joyoung / Joyoung | DJ13B-C639SG Free-automatic filter Soymilk genuine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Joyoung / Joyoung DJ13B-C63 ...
  • Brand: Joyoung / Joyoung
  • Nine Yang Soymilk Model: DJ13B-C639SG
  • Capacity: 1.3L
  • Color Category: White
  • Volume: 1L (including) -1.5L (inclusive)
  • Function: corn porridge nuts sesame paste gel energy soup warmed easily washed beans soak dried beans wet bean corn juice
  • Cup material: stainless steel
  • Are there network: grinding with a network
  • Power: 751W (including) -1000W (inclusive)
  • Milk / juice / mixing / cooking machine service: Genius
  • Heating: stereo surround heating
  • Is there an automatic cleaning function:
  • Is there insulation function:
  • Applicable Number: 2 -5 people

This product is 999 yuan for the nine positive brand market price guide, Now selling price: $ 399!

【Product Features】① three-dimensional surround heating, slow fire boiling more fragrant;

② no network innovation unreinforced, one seamless, easy to clean;

③304 food grade stainless steel, double anti-hot cup;

Free filter ④ ultra fine grinding technology, grinding more efficient, filter-free drink directly;

⑤ grain milk, dry / wet beans, rice cereal nutrition / rice, energy soup, fruit juice, nuts dew eight functions

high recommended