Supply of soft PVC keychain, PVC key ring, your keychain | couple keychain

Supply of soft PVC keychain, PVC key ring, your keychain | couple keychain

Product description:

1: Name: Keychain

2: modeling: according to customer specific requirements

3: Material: pvc soft / silica (raw material has passed the SGS testing and certification)

4: Process: Epoxy / dispensing, micro-injection

5: Size / Color: according to customer requirements (to introduce my company specializing in the production of imported soft PVC products, which can drop out of the same product (26-35 colors))

6: Printed LOGO: can according to customer requirements (which can be printed LOGO, company website, patterns, etc.)

7: Sample design: customer, or the customer contributions to proofing

8: MOQ: Look how much quantity on the product can be produced, price is not the same as a different number.

9: Delivery: according to order quantity, product process requirements

10: Packing: single OPP bag or according to the customer requirements (if necessary other independent packaging, such as pvc plastic boxes, cartons, Muhe, will have to pay the cost of packaging materials.)

11: Carton Packing size: 40CM * 30CM * 50CM (In addition, you can specify the packaging according to customer requirements)

12: ordering process: providing customers with the design draft - → Our confirmation proofing artwork file (image) OK- → customers pay proofing costs - → I Division for the production of mold proofing and send samples at the specified date - → customer to confirm samples OK- → signed a big contract goods production - → customers pay a 30% deposit payment - → Our production molds making arrangements for producing goods - → large cargo OK (to take pictures or send large sample customers to confirm or client in person inspection) - → customers pay the balance - → Our arrangements for delivery