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Gourd-type make-up sponge puff | end makeup make-up beauty tools | dry / wet with

Gourd-type make-up sponge puff | end makeup make-up beauty tools | dry / wet with
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Product parameters:

  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Brand: Yue intended to spend
  • Name: gourd powder puff larger
  • Cosmetics features: the use of comfort
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • made in China
  • Shelf Life: None

Pro! Color random color requirements are too high to buy carefully

Hulu puff cleaning method
step one:
Use makeup remover or neutral soap or cleanser, pour directly onto the already puddle of water, so that it produces foam.
Step two:
To repeat with the palm of your hand pinch method, the puff of dirt and foundation thoroughly cleaned out. Do not rub the puff way to clean, not only puff easily pulled, and make its elasticity worse, more likely to Cuochu Desquamation status.
Step 3:
Rinse off the detergent with plenty of water. Be careful not to leave any residue.
Step four:
Use a towel or a towel that is easy to absorb water, press and dry the puff, then place it in a cool, well-ventilated area and allow it to dry naturally.

This product is imported materials, latex-free, select it, absolutely right!

'Characteristics of non-latex'

1. Compared with the latex puff, the addition of vitamin E hydrophilic polyurethane cosmetic puff has the following advantages: no latex. Latex is a kind of rubber, usually harmful to the human body minerals, not latex puff on the human body without any negative effect.

2. Containing vitamin E, vitamin E is a necessary nutrients the body, the skin will play a role in the absorption of beauty. Latex will encounter oil-based cosmetics dregs.

3. In general, the use of latex puff in the process will be shedding.

4. Tasteless. Latex puff will have latex flavor, and latex flavor will stay in the face.

5. Environmental protection. Put in the ground after a long time into the soil.

6. Density fine. Latex products produced by different sizes of holes.

7. Oil control is good, dress up the skin without damaging the outer layer of the skin to protect the oil film, absolutely rest assured that healthy use.

8. Product cleaning, cleaning process will become larger holes, the dirty things clean, dry will change back to the original.

9. Skin-friendly, hydrophilic material makes it suitable for any person's skin, after use will not be allergic.

special reminder: Well-known skin care experts in Taiwan that more than three months without washing the puff and make-up sponge, containing the amount of household was actually 1.5 times the cloth, toilet cover 2 times! MM to remind you to pay attention to the puff and make-up sponge regular Replacement and cleaning oh ~

Regular replacement:
Recommended 1-2 months to replace one.
As the puff and sponge dirty quickly, usually best to prepare two or more, in order to alternate use.
Regular cleaning:
Recommended weekly cleaning 1-2 times.
Use the puff / make-up sponge with pure water to wash is not clean, because the above depends on a lot of grease, it is recommended to use Cleansing Oil with neutral soap or a special cleaning agent due to the number of cleaning too much will affect the puff / Sponge elastic, so remember to replace the MM oh ~ always keep the most perfect makeup of the perfect self ~