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Incense burner back | ceramic purple creative ideas tower incense Buddha with a back incense burner incense burner office home furnishings

Product code: -14932500030
Unit price 7.02-9.75$
Sold quantity 544
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Imperial City
  • Color Classification: Alpine water - Purple sand mountain water - Black mandarin ducks play water - Purple sand mandarin ducks play water - black little charge of water - tea film glaze
  • Style: Neoclassical
  • Applicable space: Office of the Buddha Hall room other
  • Item: dlxl
  • Material: purple sand

All products are made by hand, will inevitably be flawed! (Tens of dollars to buy works of art please also mercy.) Because it is not regular (not to be specified), all products are handmade, Shape, all dimensions are manual measurement. A little error can not be avoided! And now Mobile phone under a single set by 5 yuan and presented 10 good flow clouds incense , The total cost of sales Mobile Taobao scan the following two-dimensional code:

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